Panda’s Diet

Pandas are absolutely dreamy to watch!

They spend most of their day consuming bamboo; getting through approximately 40 kilos a day. A panda’s eating habit around the day involves eating leaves, shoots, and stems of various Bamboo species. Bamboo has (seemingly) very little nutrition so pandas can eat 25 to 50 pounds every day according to their needs. Bamboo is hard to digest and the pandas need to devour plenty of it to live to tell the tale.

Bamboo are members of the grass family, scientific name is Poaceae. Like other grass, bamboo have jointed stems and also small flowers enclosed. However, bamboo are the only major group of grass adapted to the forest habitat.

Scientists suppose the iconic black and white bears eat bamboo in part because it’s extremely abundant and that they don’t need to combat with other animals to get it.

Giant pandas within the wild will every now and then devour different grass, wild tubers or maybe meat within the form of birds, rodents, or carrion. Without bamboo (99 percent of the giant panda’s food plan), the animals could potentially starve. Interestingly however, panda’s ancestors had been carnivores but made the switch to a vegetarian diet 2 million years ago.

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  1. I knew Pandas liked their bamboo, but I didn’t know that they can consume this much! Excellent article.

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