Pandas and sleep

If there’s one thing that isn’t immediately apparent about pandas, is that they like to sleep. On average a panda sleeps ten hours a day. They can fall asleep on the forest floor, cozying up next to a tree or balancing on a branch. If there are few natural predators to be aware of, giant pandas are not picky when it comes to sleeping locations.

Much of their time is spent eating, so giant pandas sleep for best 2–4 hours at a time.

When pandas aren’t sleeping, they wander slowly through the wooded area, taking rests when they want to. Giant pandas do not establish domestic dens or protect territories; they’ll sleep in any whole tree or cave they find convenient.

Pandas’ favourite sleeping positions can include lying flat on their backs, lying on their sides, lying on their stomachs, stretching their paws and rolling themselves up into balls.

Like different bears, pandas spend most of the day ingesting and sleeping because bamboo is so low in nutrients, pandas eat quite a lot of it daily.

As I may have mentioned in another post, they can eat around 25 to 40 pounds of bamboo per day. If they can’t get their staple: bamboos; they prefer to consume honey, grass, flowers, vines, young corns, and rodents. Pandas can sometimes eat small birds and animals.

Unlike other species, large pandas do not spend their winters in hibernation. Pandas don’t take part in any kind of hibernation at all. Instead, they move down the mountains in search of warmer weather. They then move back to the cooler areas of the forest during the Summer. Pandas move around while never moving away from the areas where bamboo are in abundance.

Their bodies don’t like the cold. Surprisingly they actually have relatively little body fat to insulate themselves from low temperatures. They are also great tree climbers and capable swimmers.

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  1. Aww what lovely facts! I wish I could just fall Asleep anywhere! I adore Pandas. Such beautiful animals

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