Pandas wee upside down

The giant panda is universally loved and cherished. Their iconic black and white fur-colour distinguishes them nicely from other animals. It’s difficult to deny that Pandas invoke true affection from humans everywhere in the world and in every generation.

Even their wee and poo habits are something of interest and less repellent than other animals.

Another interesting thing about pandas is that they (sometimes) do handstands when they wee. Sometimes, in order to mark their scent, the beloved panda will climb up a tree backwards. There has been remarkable footage showing wild pandas engaging in what appears to be gymnastics in order to mark their territory. They’ll climb up the tree backwards and end up in a full handstand position upside down. This allows them to leave their scent higher up.

The panda can poo up to 40 times a day. Adult panda produces more than 10kg (22lbs) of faeces a day. That’s a lot of waste produced. Pandas do eat a lot- after all. Sometimes they even poo while eating and while they sleep.

Some panda poo is being used as manure in order to grow expensive tea plants.

Another company is using panda poo to create toilet paper. Panda poo is fibre rich (due to the bamboo) and will be need to go through a 60 stage sterilisation process- which includes cleaning and steaming. Turning the waste into paper helps reduce environmental pollution too.

The company collects the droppings from basements at a panda center, which at one point had 273 pandas. The centre accounted for 60% of the world’s captive panda population.

The bamboo fibre makes the toilet roll a lightly easier process. Without the panda’s assistance, the company would have to get fresh bamboo and wait for the sugar to degrade. By using panda faeces, the animals’ digestive systems do much of the work. It takes pandas approximately 4 hours for pandas to excrete the fibre.   

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  1. I remember watching this on a wildlife programme, it makes sense, just like dogs trying to pee as high up as the can

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