Stay on top of mental health during these uncertain times

The UK is officially in a recession. Who would’ve guessed back in January 2020 that we would be spending nearly 5 months in some form of lock down, resulting in a recession?

What’s a girl (or boy) to do in these unprecedented to look after our mental health? I’ve been on the cusp of losing my sanity and this pandemic and recession could well have tipped me over the edge. Thankfully I’m ok.

I wanted to put together some tips that have helped me stay on top of my mental health.

Stay connected with people
Keep in touch with family and friends via text/phone calls/video calls/emails/social media. Which ever works and whatever frequency suits you. Maintaining healthy relationships with people we trust really helps support our mental well-being.

Talk about your worries
It’s normal to be worried in the current situation but by sharing your worries with those you trust, it may lighten your load and may help the other person too.

Support others
Helping someone else can help you as well as them, so please try to be understanding of others’ concerns, worries. Perhaps think of things you can do to help those nearby. Is there a friend or family member local to you who you could help? Perhaps there local community groups you could join to support others?

Be prepared
it may help to work through any changes to government guidelines and mean for you- to help with being prepared and less concerned.

Look after you
Physical health has a huge impact on how we feel. If you are able to, perhaps find some exercise that will enrich your body and soul. I love yoga myself. Going for a 10 minute walk, run or bike ride are relatively fuss free and easy things to do.

I came across a useful post on mental health resources, and a fabulous post on how to feel better in 5 minutes.

Time with Dogs, the outdoors, gardening , and some time relaxing in front of the tv may help too!

Look after yourself, your money and your mind, and I’ll see you on the other side!

2 thoughts on “Stay on top of mental health during these uncertain times”

  1. Thank you for the tips, it has been hard in lock down to keep it together and it is still unsure of how things are going to work in September.

  2. mental health is really being tested at the moment, but it is great that a majority have picked up on this and being supportive, even towards people they do not know

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