Make money with cashback websites

Did you know that you can make £100s (and maybe £1,000s) a year if you make just one small change to your buying process? The only thing you need to change is to simply go through a cashback website.

How does it work?
If you’re wondering why these websites are providing cashback, this is how it works. The cashback websites receive a commission from the store when you purchase directly using their link and what they do is they give you a portion of these commission back to us, the purchaser.

Where do we sign up?
If you’ve not used cashback sites before, you need to start using cashback websites. In the UK, there are two major cashback websites: Quidco and TopCashBack.

Quidco say that they have the highest cashback guarantee, and they make sure it stays like that. Personally, I think they’re similar enough and so it may be that you go for the one that you prefer using. Both websites are straightforward and simple to use, so I would recommend that you sign up for both. If you want check the best deals, and if you sign up for both websites, you can do a comparison for the rewards as sometimes they have “daily deals” and additional promotions. One of them may list a retailer that the other one doesn’t.

Both websites are free to use, but they offer premium accounts that cost an additional fee, but they will give you more benefits and perks. Check if the premium accounts are worth it and if you would earn more even if you pay for the account.

Both Quidco and TopCashBack offer ways to trace your purchases but please be mindful that cashback is not always guaranteed, so only use these cashback sites if you were going to make the purchase anyway. And don’t let these cashback sites be an excuse to overspend too much- unless you really want to!

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